Sunday, November 18, 2012

13.1 Sunday

My husband and I've been looking for ways to motivate ourselves to workout and stay healthy.  Thus, awhile ago, we signed up to run the Philadelphia Half Marathon, which took place today, November 18, 2012.  To my disappointment, I did not train at all and worse, I was running less than my usual workout routine.  Unfortunately, My husband injured his calf while running a couple of weeks ago, so he really had a legitimate excuse not to run.  I had no excuse other than my sorry self who didn't train :( 
So I woke up super early, ate half of a gooey thingie in my runner's packet, and ran.  Official chip time:  2:00:22.  I wish I had pushed myself a bit more and come under 2 hours like I used to when I was a young'un but I know that I should be proud of myself for finishing the race.  It was a beautiful day and unlike my other Sundays, I actually ran outside, and that I did for 13.1 miles for 2 hours.  Here's a picture of me taken after the race once I got home (it didn't occur to me to take it in Philly while we we there).   YAY - me!! 

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