Monday, November 5, 2012

Monday Stuff

Good Monday friends! Hope you had a wonderful weekend~

I had a really fun weekend visiting my friends, N & G at their lovely home in West Chester.  I baked the squash, potato and goat cheese gratin I mentioned here last Friday for dinner.  It was truly one of the easiest dishes I've ever made and luckily, everyone really liked it.  I did have one issue with the dish - I don't have a mandolin - I'm scared of using one because I've heard so much about people slicing their fingers. So, I ended up cutting every single slice of the squash and potato in this dish. Yeah, that took some patience and time.  This is how the dish came out. If I may say so myself, I was very pleased with the presentation and taste.  

I also got to do a lot of cleaning up around the house and took pictures of the goodies I picked up from Marshalls last week (see here).   

A little bird dish on my night table.

I love owls and this one sits on top of a small armoire in our bedroom.

A new shower curtain.  This trellis patterned one is PERFECT for what is otherwise a pretty bare bathroom.

I also purchased something... to be revealed later this week. Hehe. 

There you have it - a little pictorial summary of my weekend! Oh - btw, don't forget to turn your clock backward an hour if you haven't done so already. An extra hour of sleep is something I'd never want to lose!   


  1. I missed the recipe on Friday because I was busy trying to get everything together for our trip to Philly on top of a misbehaving preschooler and a 16 month old who was refusing to nap. But I have to say, it looks super yummy! I am definitely going to have to try it, I think Will will really like it too. Maybe this weekend.

  2. Hey Jamie! Are you enjoying your time in Philly? Do you miss it? Good luck with the dish - I can't believe how easy it was to make! And your boys are adorable!!

  3. where did you get the shower curtain? I love it!!

  4. it was from Marshall's. one of those things where you are like, wow, really? at marshall's?


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