Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Get Your Party Pants On

Taking a little break from all the gift ideas, let's talk about party wear.  I know that most of us wear dresses to holiday parties, which is fine. Who doesn't love a LBD or a cute cocktail dress?  But I'd love to break my own tradition of wearing dresses to wearing one of these fancy pants. 
I'd wear a pair with high heel pointy shoes just like in the pictures above, and top it off with either a well fitted jacket or a soft sweater with a signature piece necklace like this. 

The cool thing about these pants and even the necklace is that they are wearable to work and dates with your guy or friends, so long as you dress them down a bit.  I found both the pants and the necklace at J.Crew, which is my main go-to place for like everything!  

In addition to standing out from the other ladies, you will have the advantage of not having to worry about getting a run on your stockings~


  1. LOVING the fancy pants -- and wishing I had them for all of my holiday parties!

  2. I know, don't they look so sharp?!


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