Thursday, December 20, 2012

Gift Idea No. 12 - TIME

Can you believe it?  We've reached the 12th gift idea! And honestly, this is the best of the 12 and that's why I saved it for the last.  The best gift to give, in my humble opinion, is TIME.  Give your loved ones your time.  It can be spent any way and any where.  A walk in the park.  A meal shared together at your giftee's favorite restaurant.  A concert or a play.  Whatever it may be, spend time with your family, friend, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, mentor, mentee, etc.  My husband asked me what I want for Christmas.  I told him that I want us to go to this place and have a meal together and walk around.  Ok, so I asked him for this too (haha).  But I asked him for the first gift first.  Why?  Because we both work a lot, including the weekends.  Especially Randy.  And that's exactly why I want time for us.  I think it's important for all of us to take the time to appreciate our special relationships and keep them going. The above image says it all, doesn't it?

Have a very special holiday season~

p.s. Next week, I'll be doing exactly what I asked for - spending time with my husband.  We've both taken the entire week off.  Can't wait.   


  1. Oh happy holidays!!! Enjoy your time together! We all seem to have so little of it, you're so right that time is the best gift of all. :)

  2. Tx, Laicie (btw, just realized I may have misspelled your name in the past - so sorry!!). Hope you have a great first Christmas and New Year's as a married couple :)


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