Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Sometime last weekend, while trying to fight off a horrible sinus headache, I kinda got cranky with my husband for no big reason.  A couple of hours later, after his routine Saturday morning workout, Randy came home with this super mini beautiful orchid.  Man, I felt horrible about my cranky behavior and felt incredibly small.  Smaller than the mini orchid. Especially considering how much Randy has been working lately and how exhausted he  is. 

I realized that in a relationship, we must try to understand each other and be generous with our patience.  Otherwise, there would be no peace.  I so appreciated Randy's understanding of whatever I was going through, and his way of showing me that he cares.  Now, only if I can manage to keep this beauty alive to redeem myself!!


  1. What a wonderful guy you have! It's just as important to understand each others' ups and downs as it is to tap in to our own. :)

  2. Yes, he's pretty wonderful. and moments like this get me through my tough days.


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