Monday, December 10, 2012

Gift Idea No. 5 Tea Time Anyone? (Coffee included)

Good Monday, friends~  How was your weekend?  My weekend came and went.  I didn't get to do 1/2, nope, 1/3 of what I meant to do this past weekend.  What is the matter with me?!  This cold weather and just overall fatigue (and even a bit of sadness (must be lack of sun)) is making me a bit lazy.  I think I need to start exercising more and go back to drinking kale juice again... 

The good news is that I cranked out 2 more gift ideas.  Gift Idea No. 5 - teacups, coffee mugs, and kettles.  Almost everyone I know is either a tea or coffee drinker.  And even if they are not, they will certainly have guests who are. Aren't these so pretty? I want them all in my cupboard... 

a. b. c. def. (e & f are sugar bowl and creamer)


  1. SO cute!! You're making me want a cup of coffee. :)

  2. I swear, I could totally have a wall of shelves with a collection of all the mugs and tea sets I want to buy!


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