Thursday, June 14, 2012

Belt 'em

I love skinny belts.  They dress up just about anything.  I love putting them on flowy dresses and over thin cardigans.  But how about seeing them on satchels?  (Side comment:  I love the word "satchel".  I would love it as a child's name, but so far, my husband and friends have vetoed against that!).  Here are some belted satchels I've come across, most of them on sale, not that I plan on purchasing any of them.  :(  These have a bit of that equestrian posh look about them, don't they?  I love!!

A.  Proenza Schouler PS1 Keep All Medium Leather/Felt;  B.  Burberry Tote Soft Leather Bridle Lynher;  C. Kooba Tote Cally;  D.  Proenza Schouler PS1 Large Leather;  E.  Alexander Wang Kirsten Clutch;  F.  Lauren by Ralph Lauren Crossbody Malborough Tremont


  1. Hi Joo, I LOVE the Burberry tote. Not only do i Love the color (been in neutral moods lately) but the wrap around belt leather makes it look so edgy. Love it.

  2. seriously, right? put it on your pinterest and tell your hub about it! x-mas/bday gift hint hint!


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