Friday, June 8, 2012

Weekend - Watcha Up To?

TGIF!!!  My goodness - it's Friday again!!!  I'm so excited!!  
My husband and I now have a vacation planned for the 4th of July week.  We are going to Aspen, Colorado.  We've been there a couple of times together during the winter.  But it'll be my first time going there during the summer.  Randy grew up in Aspen, so we try to go back every year.  What's special about this trip is that this will be our first real summer vacation together. I'll talk more about my vacation as we get closer to the date. 

With nothing much going on this weekend, I thought I'd share a few of my personal photos of my puppies, Toby & Speedz, Randy, and me (in Paris last year during our honeymoon).

Have a GREAT weekend, ladies and gents!

Toby (5) on the top left and Speedz (4) on the bottom right 

Speedz in both photos (he sleeps A LOT) and my sweet Randy

I'm an expert at drinking an inappropriate amount of coffee and consuming unhealthy dose of sweets in the morning.  


  1. Aspen sounds awesome!!!

    Miss those doggies!!!!! ;)

  2. thanks, sue! t he puppies miss you!


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