Wednesday, June 27, 2012

No brain surgery but still work

So I ended up staying up until 1:20 a.m. last night (or I guess this morning) doing work and did not finalize the post I wanted to share with you today. 

Although some people may think that blogging is "easy" (at least, that was my presumption until I started blogging), I'll tell you that for me, writing ANYTHING is difficult. The research involved in getting the right photos, putting together the mood boards and collages, takes time too.  What I know now as a blogger of several months, is that blogging is certainly no brain surgery (then again, how many things are comparable to brain surgery?!), but if done well, it requires time, creativity and a lot of editing. And a lot of passion. So, my sorry self now knows that I should have at least 1-2 posts ready to be shared in case I am sick, busy with my "real" work, away on a vacation. Ya gotta have that Plan B, you know what I'm saying?! 

Now, on a more cheerful note, today's Wednesday and by this time next week, I will be in Aspen, Colorado, celebrating 4th of July with Randy and some of our very close and dear friends. I'll be thinking of this vacation in order to get me through the Wednesday hump.  Also, when I get home tonight, I'll treat myself to a glass of wine and play this heart-achingly beautiful cover of 'Always On My Mind' by Denzal Sinclaire. 

See you guys tomorrow (btw, tomorrow's post has a surprise element :)) 

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