Friday, June 15, 2012

TGIF - Daddy's girl

TGIF ~ the weekend is here.  It's Father's Day Weekend.  As with Mother's Day, it's a holiday that can be very emotional for a lot of us in so many different ways.  I am grateful to spend this weekend with my father as well as my father-in-law.  

I have my share of complex issues with my father and I'm sure he'll say the same about me.  But nothing diminishes those moments in my life when I felt so much love from my dad. They are nothing dramatic or splendid - just small moments.  He bought my first rain boots (bright yellow!).  He took me to get my first perm.  He brought me gifts whenever he traveled for work (Hello Kitty watch was the best!).  He took me shopping when mom wouldn't give into my pleas.  He knew all of my favorite snacks.  He always carries a photo of me and keeps his favorite ones framed on his desk.  He still has my law school sticker on his car (removed from his last car to his current car).   Although he never speaks much, he always writes something in my birthday cards.  

Here's a picture of my dad and me on my wedding day.  One of the very few pictures I have of us together.  People say we look alike.  What do you think?  :) 

Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful and amazing dads who are with us, or watching us from above.    

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