Wednesday, June 13, 2012

J.Crew Obsession/Addiction Anyone?

This post will definitely date me.  When I was in high school, there was this girl who wore a white t-shirt with the word "JCREW".  The white t-shirt was loose and simple, but something about it was quite stylish.  I later learned that it was from "J.Crew" and there was a store for it somewhere in downtown.  I've been obsessed with J.Crew since then and as we all know it, the company has become a household name within the last 10 years or so, and can be found in just about any decent size mall.  Jenna Lyons, needless to say, is like my female crush.  I'd say approximately 75% of my closet is from J.Crew.  This past weekend, I purchased the two blouses below, which were  on sale at prices much lower than the online prices (sometimes, it's the other way around).  The rest of the style board comes from J.Crew as well, which goes on to tell you that for me, it's easy to pick out an entire outfit and then some from J.Crew without any problems.  And guess what, they are all on sale!  So, there it is, I feel relieved to have confessed that I have a serious obsession with (or more like an addiction to) J.Crew.  

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