Friday, June 1, 2012

Weekend - Watcha up to?

Here we go again - TGIF!!!
I saw this cat image below earlier this week and saved it for today's post.  I thought it would make us all smile and that's always a good way to start a Friday.  I'm going to be chill like this little cat this weekend.   Ms. Chill Kitty and the orange stairs inspired me to find the lovely items on the next picture.  Don't you just love bright colors during summer?
Have a great weekend, ladies and gents!!
Ms. Chill Kitty came from here!

Kate Spade AngeliqueKate Spade Engelique sunglasses; Essie BazookaZara Printed Band Studded Top and Bottom; Yummy Gelatos from  here; and Cece Color Block Ballet Flats from JCrew


  1. I loved the cat picture when I first saw your pin, I still think it's fabulous. And I love the pictures it inspired you to find also. Might need the sunglasses, the polish and the shoes for myself!

  2. Tx, Jamie! The Kate Spade sunglasses are really cute, aren't they? I am indeed getting myself a pedicure today, which is a real treat for me!


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