Thursday, May 31, 2012

Accidental Online Trip to Barneys

Have you ever gone onto Barneys New York website?  I accidentally, yes, accidentally went onto Barneys website.   Explanation:  I was looking for a dress for my friend, Nancy, saw a Thakoon dress on another website, wanted a better view, which led me to Barneys website. Anyway, upon going onto Barneys website, my jaw dropped and I said "holy sh#$!".  I saw the most decadent amazing dresses, jewelry, bags, shoes, etc.   I could seriously Pinterest just about every other item there.  My eyes are forever spoiled.  I fell in love with these items instantly...  If it weren't for the loads of laundry I had to do, my mind would have never come back to reality.  *sigh*

Aesa Brass Large Double Knot Bangle;  Thakoon Sleeveless Panel Dress;  Lito Ancient Greek Sandals;  The Row Lizard Metal Frame Clutch

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