Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dog Day

Here are some of the pictures I took this past weekend in NYC.  I especially heart the pics with a gorgeous puppy we (my MOH Nancy and me) ran into in Soho.  We were pretty tired from staying up late the night before and having downed a bottle of white wine.  (We are soooo weak!!) I'm a little self conscious about looking a bit "swollen" in these photos - but what the heck, I'm blogging, I gotta be real! 

This gorgeous puppy's name is Titan!  How fitting!! After all, he weighs 170lbs with 30 more to go before he's fully grown!! His dad told us that he only barks on command. My puppies would laugh at such notion.  
Nancy and the puppy (if you look closely, Nancy's dress has greyhounds!

Ok, so we had to do this.  Topher obliged and he really looks happy, right?  Yup. 
This guy took the picture of me, Nancy and Topher.  He looked so familiar and I realized he was Teddy, Stu's  bro-in-law from Hangover 2!!  His real name is Mason Lee.  Look at me cracking up!!!

Found these Whimsy & Spice cookies at Dean & Deluca in Soho.  I've been so curious about them as I love Sweetfine Day. I ended up getting Hazelnut Whiskey cookies and they were amazing!! 
I splurged and ordered this big french toast with strawberry cream cheese filling.  The outside of this french toast was practically fried, which isn't my thing.  But the bread itself was amazingly soft and chewy.  

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