Friday, May 11, 2012


The title says it all, right? You hear the word "mom" and so many images, thoughts, past memories and feelings go through your head.  I recently heard on the radio that many people do not find their conversations with their mothers pleasant per se, but it's their voices that really comfort them.  I wholeheartedly agree.  A lot of my conversations with my mom can be frustrating.  Probably on her end as well.  But I always call.  And she always calls.  There was one time when I was in college, we got into a huge fight and didn't speak to each other for over 2 months.  I gave in and called her. When I started dating my husband, both of my parents basically shut me out of their lives.  They could not accept that he wasn't Korean.  I didn't speak to my mom for more than a year.  I didn't speak with my father for  three years.  (Man, that's for another day).  My mom caved in and called.  She heard from my doctor (we used to have the same doctor) that I was too thin.  The truth is, my mom always thinks I'm too thin.  I'm not eating enough (and yes, there was a period of that too).  I'm not sleeping enough. I'm not rich enough.  Her worries never end.  My mom's now a mom mom to my nephew.  I see how she enjoys taking care of him.  She cannot wait for me to have my own little one.  That makes me laugh considering how much grief I've given her - why does she want me to go through the same?  I guess there must have been something rewarding about raising me (and my brother).  Every time I see her now, she looks so tiny, which makes me sad. And whenever we meet up somewhere outside of her home, she makes sure to wear something I've given her to show her appreciation. I hope she knows that words cannot describe how grateful I am for her love and all that she's given up to make sure that I grew up "right".  I love you, mom.

I don't have many photos of just the two of us together. So, this solo picture of my mom will have to do for this year.  Isn't she beautiful?! 

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