Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Clean like Mrs. Meyer's

Who doesn't love a clean home? Cleaning can be overwhelming though, especially with a full time job or a house full of children, pets, etc. I sorta clean as I go.  Here and there, I wipe the countertops, scrub the toilet, pick up hair off the bathroom floor, etc.  Recently, cleaning became all the more worthwhile when I decided to give Mrs. Meyer's products a try. I started out with her dish soap in Lemon Verbena.  I noticed immediately how non-soapy the product was and how clean and shiny my dishes looked after I washed them.  Pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of Mrs. Meyer's dish soap, my next purchase was her countertop spray in Lemon Verbena (so as to keep the products all color-coordinate!).  And again, I was completely blown away by how easily a spritz of Mrs. Meyer's countertop spray left the surface of my stove free of grease and fine dust. By then, I was totally in love and my next purchase was the bathroom cleaner/spray.  Again, the same kind of result as the other two products.  Most of the products come in many different scents - lavender, pomegranate, geranium, basil, rosemary, blueberry, honeysuckle, etc. and they are environment and pet friendly. Oh - there are body and hand products as well as laundry products.  I cannot wait to try out all of Mrs. Meyer's products.  Note:  free shipping if you purchase $50 or more (love!). 

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