Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tough Mudder

Last Sunday, my husband participated in a Tough Mudder  race.  It's an outdoor obstacle course stretched out and arranged throughout 12 miles of mud land.  I've never heard of this crazy event until my friend, Nancy told me about it.  Yup - she would be that adventurous friend who gets me into trouble time to time (just kidding, Nance!!).  Somehow, Nancy got my husband to participate in this event along with a couple of her friends from NYC.  Together, they were "Team Meatloaf".  I declined when asked to joint Team Meatloaf.  As much as I like being active at times, I wasn't about to walk through a path of hot rocks, fall into a pool of ice water, or jump off a high wall.  But me being me, I thought about what would be a cute outfit to wear as a spectator.  Hah!  And being a good wife that I am, I thought of packing some snacks and a bottle of cool water for my honey!
Top Row:  light hoodie from JcrewRain Anorak from TargetHershel backpack via MadewellCamelback Eddy Water Bottle
Bottom Row:  Critter Chino Shorts from JcrewHunter Rain BootsCliff Bars

Here's a picture of my husband after the race.  Cute, huh?!

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