Friday, May 25, 2012

Weekend - watcha up to?

TGIF!  Can you believe it's Memorial Day Weekend?  I almost forgot that we have a 3 day weekend.  I so needed this as I haven't taken a vacation since December.  Other than one sick day, I have not taken one day off from work this year.  

As boring as it sounds, I am really looking forward to just chilling out. Taking long walks with my husband and puppies.  We'll be heading out to the city (downtown Philly) tomorrow as my husband needs a haircut.  He only goes to this one lady and she's in the city. I always tag along whenever I can - I go shopping while my husband gets his haircut.  Haha.   It'll be bustling with people enjoying this holiday weekend, which is always fun as far as people watching goes.  I will also be looking forward to having a little lunch in the city.  It'd be all the better if I were dressed in this beautiful Boden dress - see below!  

Have a great Memorial Day weekend, ladies and gents!  

Egg Veggie Fritta from Fitsugar; Greek Salad Bites from Yumsugar;  Strawberry Mojito from A cup of Mai (you have to check out Mai's blog  - she's got a lot of whim and talent!) 
Circle Applique Dress from Boden; Cat's Eye Sunglasses from Marc by Marc Jacobs (I have these and whenever I have them on, I get lots of compliments - "you are so glam!!"); Farmer's Market Tote from JCrew

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