Monday, May 28, 2012

Life is Good

This past Saturday, I went out to the city with my husband, Randy.  The weather was perrrrfect!  Philly is where we met and dated.  So, it's always a treat for us to go out to the city together.  It really felt like the summer is here, finally.  The city was vibrant with people giddy with the good weather, wearing bright clothes, ordering lots of cool drinks, and local farmers selling fresh produce.  I was so happy to be out and about.  I wish there were more 3 day  weekends...
Fresh organic veggies out in the city

Sad and tired peonies.  Regardless I loved seeing them. 

I got me a little birdie . I'm calling her Tweetie.  She came from here.  That's a picture of my husband, Randy, when I showed him our new friend.  Tweetie now has a permanent home, top of the medicine cabinet in our bathroom.

I found these alphabet paperweights at West Elm for less than $2.00 each.  I grabbed them in just about every single alphabet letter.  

Today's Monday and I'm still in bed as I am writing this!  What a treat!!!!   

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