Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Aspen in the Summer

My carry-on is packed.  The house is sorta clean.  The puppies are with their grandpa. And we are ready for our 4th of July vacation to the magical world of Aspen.  I've never been there during the summer.  I'm told people fall in love with Aspen during the summer, not winter, which is the season most people associate this town with.  Randy and I have a couple of activities planned out - a 5 mile race organized by the local diner, Boogie's, the very early morning of 4th of July, hiking to Crater Lake, going to the Aspen Museum picnic, and watching the Aspen 4th of July parade (no fire works though due to the recent wildfires throughout the various regions of Colorado).  

Have a wonderful 4th of July - stay cool and safe!!

This is a very small town.  You can walk the entire town in less than 2 hours.  [Map from here.]
A beautiful wintery sight of St. Regis Hotel, a landmark in Aspen.  I know, it's not a summer photo, but I couldn't help it.  [Photo from here.]

This is a view of the commercial side of Aspen.  Within the last couple of years, I've started seeing more and more paparazzi just hanging around waiting for that perfect shot of Kate Hudson or Paris Hilton.  I wish they would just leave Aspen the way it is and not make it another extension of Hollywood.  [Photo from here.]
Roaring Fork Valley (Another name for the Aspen Valley. I haven't been to RF Valley, but clearly, I need to!)  [Photo from here.]

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