Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fall Prep

I had planned on going into work on Saturday. Instead, I decided to work from home, which is probably never a good thing.  The TV's on, puppies are barking, there's laundry to do, too many coffee breaks, etc.  You know how that goes.  Needless to say, something that should have taken me 5-6 hours took up both Saturday and Sunday. And I went to sleep so late that I didn't even get to work on my blog! Why do I do this to myself??!!  I felt so unproductive despite the fact that I was still "working".  I went to sleep on Sunday night feeling defeated and disappointed at myself...

I did feel slightly better when next morning, I found out that JCrew was having an extra 30% sale (on sale items!)and I grabbed this beauty of a necklace. (I'm so easily soothed.) The necklace inspired me to come up with the rest of the style board.  A perfect prep look for this fall.  

a...  b...  c...  d...  e...  f...
p.s. I also felt so much better when I came home on Monday and found a comment from Kirsten of 6th Street Design School. Her blog was one of the first blogs that inspired me to start blogging.  Tx, Kirsten!!


  1. Oh I know how that is! I always feel the need to get things done around the house when I'm working from home!

    Also -- I am completely obsessed with that sweater. COMPLETELY.

  2. tx, Laicie! your trip photos look amazing! very jealous~
    yeah, the TB sweater is totally fetching, isn't it?


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