Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wednesday Art - Lee Bontecou

As a child, I was always drawing and painting.  In college, I decided to challenge myself by taking a sculpting class. I realized very quickly that it takes a different kind of vision and set of skills to be a sculptor. Lee Bontecou is one of the most extraordinary American living sculptors(she's still alive at 81).  Her sculptures appear to be like paintings at first due to the way the materials in her sculptures meld in their colors and construction.  I feel as though Bontecou's work inspire and appeal to artists of various mediums - painters, collage makers, jewelry designers, fashion designers, etc. I hope there is an exhibit of her work in the near future - and I hope she will be there as well.  I found out through Wikipedia, she's currently living in Orbisonia, Pennsylvania.  I've never heard of Orbisonia but if I can meet Bontecou in person, I'll be there. And I'll tell her that I still have a page torn out from an old Vogue issue featuring her work, that I've kept with me for all these years all because her work blew my mind away.   

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