Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wednesday Art Interrupted

My usual Wednesday Art is interrupted today for my birthday :) 
I'm a Virgo, who loves her fall birthday.  I used to be very shy about celebrating my own birthday. BUT, as I've gotten older (and wiser, I'd like to think), I'm getting around to accepting that it's ok to have fun on my birthday. And I did, a day early.  Randy and I went out yesterday to Vetri - a renowned tasting menu only restaurant in Philadelphia.  It was a 6 course gastronomical experience, with dishes that left me speechless after each bite.  A lot of truffle infusions, homemade pasta, fresh selections from the sea, land (rabbit, quail, goat), almond honey drizzles, etc. You leave the restaurant with a goodie bag that has a copy of the menu (to be shared later) and muffins for next day breakfast. The ambience was that of a small rustic restaurant found in a small winding road somewhere in Rome.  Very modest and small in space without being crowded. It was just perfect for an intimate 3 hour dining experience. Here are some pictures from last night~

Me trying to be like a fashion blogger (please excuse the wires in the background- ugh).

Starting out the night with a little al fresco cocktail.  
Oy - I can see the grey hair on my head.

With Randy, who came up with this plan. He spoils me.

Yay! I made it to the last course.

Apple tar tartin with cinnamon gelato. 


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