Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sweet & Edgy

Ok, I'm going to tell you that this isn't how I dress. But each and every item here is something I would love to see in my closet.  Is that weird??  Do you ever love a look but it's not really your style per se?  That's been happening a lot to me lately.  It's getting me to try on things I would have never tried on in the past (like wearing a pair of bright red pants (see 'Exhibit A' here)).  And that's actually kinda really fun.  I'm really liking this change in me.  

This look is a perfect combination of sweet & edgy.  The colors are sexy but the lace top adds the sweetness. The pumps are in a nice neutral color, with a little twist of bling created by the gold heels.  I can see myself wearing this outfit to a chic cocktail party (not that I go to those kinda events!) or to work (just add a long black cardigan with a skinny belt or put on a sharp well-tailored blazer).  

Sweet & Edgy = new me??  (haha). 

a.  Ray Ban b.  Joie c.  Marc by Marc Jacobs  d.  Sam Edelman


  1. That happens to me all the time, and trying something new can be fun! I seriously want those ray bans.

  2. those rays are classic, right?! it's so adaptable to so many different looks.


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