Thursday, September 6, 2012

Santa Came Early This Year

by about 3 months and a couple of weeks!  On Tuesday, I came home to a small box delivered at my door.  That never happens unless of course, I order something. But I didn't (rare, but happens).   When I opened the box, this is what I found in it. 

Can you tell what it is?  It's a bit fuzzy.  When I opened the box (inside the box), this is what I found. 

Isn't it a beauty?!!!  I finally have a new camera!!!  I've been wanting a Canon G12 for so many months.  My friend Nancy has this and a kickass Nikon w/ one of those gnarly lenses.  Another friend of mine Katy has a similar Canon.  Both gals have told me only the best things about the Canon G series. 

For those wondering, the Santa's real identity shall remain nameless for now. Oh - what did I do to deserve this gift?  My birthday is coming up! I'm one lucky Virgo :) 

I will have so much fun learning to take photos with a real camera, and my friends, you will start seeing better quality photos on my Beautiful Elysium :)  


  1. Hey girlie! I was contemplating this camera as well and I too just this past Monday, purchased a new camera too. But instead of the G12, I ended up getting the Canon SX40 HS. G12 looks really awesome too and so it was a really difficult decision. But for me, I thought this might be a better choice. Hopefully I'm not wrong! I'm gonna be checking out my new camera soon. Let's compare pics later! ;)

    1. I'm no great photographer (yet!). And purchasing a "real" camera seemed so overwhelming. Especially when I don't know much about cameras, you know? But with this gift, I'll hopefully become more familiar with how cameras work and start capturing more of those special moments in life :)

  2. So exciting!! We have a G10 and love it like crazy, you're going to be so happy with it. :)

    1. Thanks, Laicie!! I'm totally psyched~


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