Thursday, January 24, 2013

Be Hold My Heart

a.Paper Heart Garland from Etsy; b.Heart Bowls from West Elm;  c.Tippi cashmere sweater from J.Crew; d.Lady Marmalade Single Ball Earrings from Kate' taime card from Anthro; f.French macaroons via unknown 

Yup, it's coming - Valentine's Day.  I have some of the fondest and not so fondest memories when it comes to this day.  My fondest being getting my first Tiffany's from my husband (then my boyfriend of 1 month) on our first Valentine's Day together.  My not so fondest being getting dragged to a smoke-filled casino by an ex, with whom an intelligent conversation could never be had. Yeah, that was really lovely. Going right back to happier moments, one year, I hung out with a group of girlfriends and we had a blast. So, if you are in the mood, consider celebrating this day and gifting your significant other,your girlfriends, or yourself something sweet on Valentine's Day. The above are my picks :) (Ok, obviously, these are all for me, not for my husband.  Maybe I'll share the macaroons.)

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