Friday, January 11, 2013

TGIF Whatcha Up To - NYC Bound

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TGIF!!!  Since the holidays, Fridays feel so precious to me!  Perhaps it's knowing that we don't have all those days off from work lined up for several months... or perhaps it's waking up to darkness day in and day out... (but winter is my favorite season next to fall).    

I'm really excited about this weekend. On Sunday, I will be in NYC with my friend Nancy for her birthday. I hear the weather is going to be really warm, so that will make it easier for us to pain the town red! (haha - far from!) After a bit of cruising around the city, we'll be driving out to Bedford, NY for Nancy's birthday dinner at the Farm House of Bedford Post Inn. This is Richard Gere's Inn and restaurant~  I've always wanted to visit not just for that reason but I've passed by Bedford in the past driving and the little that I saw while driving appeared so quaint and beautiful.  It also has a well visited yoga studio (pretty zen, huh?).  Yeah, we won't be doing any yoga pre or post dinner :) Hopefully, I'll come back with some decent pictures to share with you guys (maybe with Mr. RG in the picture? :))  

Have a great weekend~~

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