Friday, January 4, 2013

One More Show & Tell - Chemex Coffee Maker (w/ UPDATE)

**UPDATE:  Guys, I tried Chemex and it's a success!!  It does not take that long to brew.  And the taste - it's clean and light, like a really well brewed espresso.  I am in LOVE.  Definitely worth the investment (and it's a modest one compared to some of those fancy schmancy coffee makers that cost more than $100+).  Big THANKS to my pollyanna, AMIE :) 

Remember me talking about how I made out like a bandit this Christmas?  Well, I have one more gift to show off.  We have a pollyanna gift exchange every year at work and we always do it after the holidays so as to take off some of that holiday shopping stress (plus more stuff on sale after the holidays).  Here's what I received from my pollyanna - a Chemex coffee maker!    

Isn't this a beauty?   I've been told by a coffee afficionado that Chemex is the way to go. I cannot wait to try this out over the weekend.  If you are wondering where to get one, you can purchase a Chemex at Williams Sonoma (where my pollyanna got mine), Sur La Table, or any other reputable kitchenware store. 
(p.s. I'll update this post after I try my first cup of Chemex brewed coffee :))


  1. What a fantastic gift!! Especially from work... I am double jealous. I want one so bad.

  2. I know, I lucked out! Put it on your wish list - bday, valentine's day, anniversaries (wedding, first date, etc.).

  3. Of course you're welcome :) I'm glad you like it! If not for coffee, I'd bet it makes a nice vase haha.


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