Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Terrain, West Chester, PA

As mentioned here last Friday,Randy and I went to Terrain, in Wester Chester, Pennsylvania.  Terrain has a beautiful shop that sells the most desirable goods for your home - lots of plants, terrariums, wreaths, soaps, dishes, candles, etc.  Terrain also has a cafe/restaurant with a brunch and dinner seasonal menu.  You must try their tea lattes drizzled with whatever seasonal honey on rotation.  Below are some of the many instagrams I took during our outing~

photos from clockwise:  view of the entryway to the shop and the shop itself; framed terrarium(?);the other half, aka Husband/Randy; mushroom soup w/ truffle oil (YUM); scallops with barley like grain (can't remember the name!!); and crazy good tea latte and a huge popover in a plant pot (totally genius!) with lots of maple honey butter. 

p.s. This was our 2nd wedding anniversary celebration.  We opted for a brunch instead of dinner, just so that we I could check out the shop!!  As you can see from one picture above, Husband approves Terrain! 

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