Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Project No. 1 of 2013 - Declutter Entryway

*Clarification:  Project no. 1 of 2013 does NOT meant project no. 1 out of 2013 projects.  It just means my first home project of this year, 2013.  Man, grammar is so tricky sometimes!

I love my loft but I have a HUGE problem with the entryway.  This is where we keep our shoes somewhat organized on a shoe rack similar to this.  While it does the job, I can't stand looking at all the shoes just sittin' out there.  The type A in me wants everything put away in neat rows of baskets, tucked away in drawers, or under the bed.  I've been complaining about this for some time now and am searching for a way to organize the entry way.  I'd LOVE to have my entryway look like these two homes. 

Via 'I Heart Organizing' - I love this but this is slightly too big to fit into our entryway....

Via 'Bungalow at Home' - Ikea's Expedit at one of its finest moments! 

This is also nice and at a reasonable price from Target.

I think I'll end up with something involving baskets (again, the hiding factor) with a labeling system so as to keep his and her shoes separate...  I can't wait.  This is my project number 1 of 2013 - just planning makes me feel good!! 


  1. Oh man I need this too! Our entryway always collects shoes like crazy.

  2. and they overflow into my closet, haha... in all seriousness, i recently became a shoes person and it's very VERY dangerous!!


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