Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Fancy Schmancy Dress Up

Once or twice a year, I attend a somewhat fancy schmancy cocktail or black tie event that requires me to dress up.  No, these events involve no celebrities or anything like last night's Met Gala.  My events are work related and attended by a bunch of lawyers, judges, DA's, and prosecutors.  So, yes, definitely toned down and conservative.  BUT, if I could, I would love to show up looking like Nicole Richie from last night. 

Can you imagine?  Everyone would have like the "WTF" look on their faces.  Hilarious.  So, ok, she may have looked "prettier" if she didn't white powder her head, but this is COOL!!  I love it.    

Now, toning this look down to something more presentable at a local bar event, I'd love to be brave enough to wear this white mini. 

Together with these pretties...

Ah... if I just lived in some kind of a la-la land where dressing up like it's the Met Gala night every night...

Happy Tuesday~~ (and happy day dreaming...)


  1. That white mini is the cutest!! You'd look gorgeous in it.

  2. Tx, Laicie! Btw, congrats re The Every Girl!!! You are seriously the real deal!!!

  3. THANK YOU!! You're so sweet -- It was amazing to be featured. I hope I can live up to the hype. :)


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