Friday, May 31, 2013

TGIF - Whatcha Up To?

TGIF~~  note to myself: short weeks never feel short!!  Those 3 day weekends always spoil me.  Anyways, Friday's finally here and I'm full of happy thoughts! Like eating lots of fruity popsicles.

Doesn't this look so good? and healthy?  I love the little notes on the sticks.  

With the weather warmer, I'm definitely favoring salads over warm comfort foods.  I've always loved a good nicoise salad like this one. 

This salad has my favorite proteins (eggs and tuna) with potatoes for just the right amount of carbs.  I would personally add artichokes to this, but I know that grosses some people out (sorry!).  Oh btw, the first time I figured out that this salad isn't NI-KOISE salad,  and instead, it's pronounced "NEE-SOOAH", I felt instantly fancy despite the very simple ingredients of this salad.

I noticed among bloggers that Madeline Weinrib is the latest go-to for beautiful rugs. Upon visiting her website, this is what I found and LOVE (just not the price tag).  

Who knew she had non-rug goodies? Btw, don't we just love all these tribal prints?  Can't seem to get enough of them!  Speaking of what the bloggers are loving, I saw this on Vmac & Cheese and had a good lol moment. 

There's more to this "sh%t bloggers wear" series.  Check out the artist's tumbler site here.  Note:  I'm a blogger and I don't wear this kind of sh%t.  Don't get me wrong, I'd love to!

In between doing my usual weekend stuff (running, cleaning up the house, etc. etc. yawn!), I'm going to be listening to Ellie Goulding's 'Anything Could Happen'.  I wish I had a convertible to drive in while listening to this song, you know, with my hair blowing in the wind and all.  Ha! 

Also, Ellie Goulding covered one of my all time favorite Elton John's song, "Your Song".  It's very pretty the way she sings it.  Check it out here.

I hope you all have a wonderful and summery weekend!


  1. LOL! this is HILARIOUS! And I'm totally guilty of this shit too! cracks me up =)

  2. i'm curious to see what else will be target by the clever artist :)


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