Wednesday, May 1, 2013 pong, pickle back, Whitney, etc...

Yesterday, I hinted at how fun my weekend was.  Here are some pictures with brief descriptions.

I decided to run outside for a change.  I mean, after all, I live by the Valley Forge National Park and a trail that goes through several different parks.  I'm glad I did because look at these photos! 

Lately, I've been buying flowers on the weekend.  I must be getting old b/c I now love looking at flowers and plants. 

This was me post my hour run outside.  I grabbed my younger one, Littlez (aka Speedz/ aka Winston - yes, that's a new name we randomly decided to impose on Speedz).  I took this picture before I completely conked out. 

I also mentioned about playing beer pong and flip-the-cup with a group of 20 something college grads.  No, I have no pictures for those moments and I never will.  The story is that we have new neighbors, a young couple, who are fresh out of college.  They invited us to their housewarming party and being good neighbors that we are, we showed up with some fancy schmancy wheat beer from Wholefoods.  And there we were, with a group of doe eyed post-college guys and wrinkle-free gals, looking at us like we came from the Mars.  Through a couple of rounds of beer pong and flip-the-cup, both of which I never actually played in college, we got over the awkward phase pretty fast. Oh, at some point, the kids all screamed and when I turned around, Randy had won a game of beer pong. That's my guy!!

Right before we left, my neighbor played Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" in honor of us, the 80s kids.  Man, I felt old and young at the same time as I sang those words, "I wanna dance with somebody~~~~~ yeah I wanna dance with somebody" over and over again.       

p.s. I came THIS close to downing a shot of pickle back, which is something I've never heard of.  I'm proud to say that I did not cave into peer pressure and politely declined the repeated offers.  

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