Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Last Weekend...

 i. I went back to running outside, at least on Saturdays.  It's been such a rewarding experience and the weather has cooperated for the last 3 Saturdays - yay!!
ii. Peonies are in season - It's about freakin' time. 
iii.  I finally succumbed and purchased this pillow from Ikea.  And I'm glad I did. It goes perfectly with the black and white Pollack print and the settee in my kitchen. And oh, excuse the ipad charger cord...
iv. Who can resist $0.99 flamingo glasses?  (From Ikea)

v. Weekend tradition I recently developed - brewing coffee via chemex. Another rewarding experience.  #happysmallmoments 
vi. Korean bakery goods are the best!!  Tx, Mom!
vii. Tired husband and I finally get to cuddle on the couch.  Wy does my forehead look so big though?  #immagonnaembraceit.
viii. One of the 5 stems of peonies from the above picture.  LOVE how they bloom so big.  

We are half way there to the weekend!!  Happy hump day~

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