Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Latest Choice of Drink

Good Tuesday~ Yeah,it really sucks to come back from a long weekend, doesn't it??  And I'm starting this week with a full load too.  BUT, it is a short week and I do have a vacation waiting for me at the end of this month, so I march on with my glass half full! 

Actually, I should march on with my glasses completely full as I am constantly dehydrated. I noticed this trend of drinking cucumber infused water (or has this "trend" been around and I just didn't know??) I'm always looking for ways to drink more water and this new trend might just help me. I gave it a try over the Memorial Day weekend and I have to say, I'm loving this trend.  Here are some pretty photos of cucumber infused drinks from Pinterest  

These pictures just set the right tone for the upcoming hot and muggy summer days, don't they?  

Have a great week~~

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