Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Planning Ahead

OH - it's another day closer to the Memorial Day Weekend and my mind is racing with thoughts on what to do, eat, wear, etc.  I also have a vacation planned at the end of June, so that's got me thinking about the same things.  

Here's an outfit perfect for the upcoming summer days (ok, I'm sorta pushing the suede pumps, which are more appropriate for now) that will be perfect for both work and play.  
Mac Cremeblend Blush in 'Lady Blush' - I wear this every day, with or without any other make-up.  Because it's a cremeblend, it stays on your face for a long time and it feels incredibly soft on your skin.  It looks very bright but when you dab a little and spread it on your cheeks, you'll look as fresh and dewey as a little bambi :) 

Anthropologie Blockshift Dress - I have to admit something.  I saw this dress on another blogger, Sara Mueller of Sara Mueller Designs and I had to share it with you as well. Btw, her blog is as pretty as she is and I'm totally obsessed and will be reading all her archives while I'm on my hourlong treadmill torture. (Girl Crush Alert!!  #isweari'mnotastalker)

See By Chloe April Big Duffel - What can I say?  I have a crazy weakness for anything mint colored.  And this design is so sleek yet friendly.  The price tag, however, isn't friendly.  A girl can dream though, right?!

Nine West Sandals - 'Weslies' - I'm short so I contemplate ever buying this.  But they look so darn comfie and stylish.  Sexy, actually. That's my kinda jam - comfie & sexy. 

Madewell - the 'Frankie' Suede Pumps - I heart these.  I've shown this this blog before and I'm showing it again!  It can go with so many things and it's so office friendly too.  I'm waiting for a further slash down in the price department. 

How about you?  Are you already planning for the upcoming holiday and/or vacation? 


  1. oh you are too sweet! Thanks for the shout out and the nice compliment!

  2. Oh I love that dress!! And I can't wait for Memorial Day. :)

  3. Laicie, you have to get the dress. $30 on sale :) And Sara, can't wait to work with you on my blog :)


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