Thursday, May 2, 2013

Spring Wardrobe Deals Continue...

Have you noticed lately how pretty Ann Taylor Loft has gotten? 
They are having an extra 60% off sale items, so of course, yours truly had to stop by after work. No offense to AT Loft, but it's gotten SO MUCH better in design, quality, and size!  Here are my favorites from yesterday's trip. 

I ended up getting the skirtpeplum top, and the dress.  Only the skirt is on sale, BUT if you purchase a St.Jude's card, you get an additional 25% everything (over a purchase of $125).  So, I actually did end up saving on the rest of the purchase and felt really good about making my little small contribution to a good cause.  The shorts are super super cute and on sale online for $30.  The scarfearringsbracelet are really pretty and hopefully, they will go on sale soon (like all things seem to go on sale all the time these days).  These all look so much prettier and more colorful in person. 

So, there's my foray into spring and summer wardrobe shopping.  Have you purchased anything to spruce up your wardrobe for the warmer days to come?   


  1. Love these!! I have a pair of shorts I've just been waiting to wear that I bought a month or so ago... I can't wait for the warm!!

  2. I need to get a tan first before I put on any shorts!!


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