Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Back To School Shopping

This past Saturday, I went to Old Navy to look for a cargo jacket you see below. (Btw, have you seen that commercial with Jennie Garth from the old Beverly Hills 90210?!) To my surprise, there were so many cute things that were super duper affordable and actually, appropriate for my age as well as girls like 20+ years younger than me!  Man, I've been missing out on a real fashion gem here! Trying on one thing after another, I felt like I was one of the kids doing their back to school shopping (except, I'm much older and my mom's no longer paying for my clothes). I bought 3 of the five items below (a, b, and c). And I used a 25% coupon, which made me feel oh-so-very-giddy! I'm definitely going to be hitting up Old Navy more often for sure! 

a. Drawstring Military Jacket b. Striped Dress (it's not so apparent in this picture but the sleeves are rouched at the shoulders and very cute!) c. Dotty Cardigan d. Sporty Bag e. Heart Sweater (very reminiscent of this sweater from JCrew's 2011 winter collection)


  1. cute! esp love the dress! ;)

  2. Cute! I can totally see you rockin' those outfits. And I love anything military inspired. :)

  3. yeah - military inspired is the best! i think camo pants are going to be trendy this fall. I've already seen a bunch out there. not sure if i can rock that look! and yes, the dress is cute and super comfy!


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