Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wednesday Art

Do you have days where you just feel 'ugh' or 'eh...'.  I kinda feel that way today.  Perhaps it's waking up to darker mornings, reminding me once again the summer is almost gone and time is passing me by like a swift ghost. This kinda sense of melancholy comes either during your teen years or in/post your midlife years. I believe I've hit the latter! 

I am in need of some inspiration lately.  And I thought what's better than art?  Today, I'm turning to David Hockney.  I had seen his work at the Boston Museum of Modern Art awhile ago (I want to say 2006...) Here are some of my favorites of Mr. Hockney's work. 

"Day Pool with 3 Blues"

"Munich Olympics"

"Nichols Canyon"


"Mr. and Mrs. Clark and Percy"

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