Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wednesday Art

When I did 'Wednesday Art' last week, I really enjoyed the process of thinking about my favorite artists, the museums I've been to,and my own desire to become more creative and perhaps start sketching and painting again (past time hobby, no brilliant artistry here).  'Wednesday Art' may be a recurring post like 'Monday Wake-Up Call' because I'm having so much fun with it! :) 

Today, I present to you John Currin.  He is a contemporary artist whose focus on portraying kitsch with the technique comparative to the "Old Masters" of the Renaissance era has rocketed him to his fame.  His paintings reflect his fascination with and love of women and their sexuality and the beauty found in the delicate curvatures of women's bodies.  If you ever see his paintings in person, the colors appear almost transparent,luminescent,  extremely soft, smooth, creamy and almost conjure up a sense of other worldliness.  Based on the various publications I've read in the past (there was one from Vogue many years ago that was excellent and I wish I had kept it1), Currin's steady stream of support for some time has been his wife, Rachel Feinstein, also a well known artist, who actually looks very much like the women in his paintings. (I recall in reading the Vogue article that someone introduced her to him, telling him how much she looks like one the girls in his paintings!!) Here's an interesting NY Times article that gives us a small peak into their personal lives.  Enjoy the art~

                            The Pink Tree

Stamford After Brunch

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