Thursday, August 9, 2012

Window Shopping

Ever since online shopping has become the norm, I now do my window shopping while sitting in bed. In a way, the whole online window shopping thing has gotten me to be more creative and expansive in my design interest.  I think it's because you get to see so many different options and designs without the cost of actually driving or flying out to the actual brick and mortar store.  Now, don't get me wrong.  There's still something super special about being in an actual store and seeing the object(s!) of desire in person. In any event, you know how I've been honkering for a new sofa/sectional (see here).  I've been window shopping a lot (although still not ready to take the plunge).  And now, I'd love an entire make-over of my little living room!  Haha - this is what happens when you window shop online. You keep wanting and wanting! What do you think of the look below?  I love the clean modern lines of the floating console and the sofa.  And I LOVE the Ankara chair from Crate and Barrel. For now, these will stay on my wish list :) 

a. Pink Paris; b. Floating Storage Console; c. Sofa; d. Ankara Chair

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