Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Last Summer Jewels

While summer feels like it's slipping away at a rate parallel to a blink of an eye, and all the shops are stocking up on fall merchandise, I'm still holding onto this summer, hoping to have that one last blast of fun before it all fades away. 

I also don't want to let go of all the bright and cheery summer colors like turquoise, mint, pink, etc. and hope to incorporate them into my fall and winter wardrobe. 

Here are some jewels of bright colors that I can totally see on a black or grey cashmere sweater tucked into a snug wool pencil skirt.  Or anything camel and beige would also work with these bright colored jewels.  These jewels will contrast nicely with the darker and more muted tones of fall and winter outfits.  

a. Jess LC Jackson Bead Strand Necklaceb.Jcrew Cabochon Fan Necklace  c.Jess LC Jackson Aloe Bauble Bracelet d. Jess LC Flea Flamingo Bracelete.Tory Burch Perez Bead Dangle Earring f.Furbish Margot Earrings 

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