Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Getting Out There

While I have no qualms about expressing myself in the presence of family and friends, I don't necessarily like garnering attention from people in general. But I'm coming out of my own shell a bit.  I love the blog community and how it encourages someone like me (i.e. semi-shy) to be more expressive and share my creativity  at my own pace, terms and style.  

So, when I saw a design contest being held by one of my favorite bloggers, Jess Lively, I figured I had nothing to lose but get out there and do my thing, and even if I don't win, perhaps I'll make a couple of blog friends and garner some attention to my own blog.  Btw, do check out Jess's blog, 'Jess Lively'.  She's an amazing entrepreneur with her own jewelry & accessory company of her names sake, 'Jess LC'.  Just glossing over her blog will energize you with her creativity and obvious love for life.  

a, b, d, and e are all from Jcrew Factory Outlet, which I just visited last Saturday and purchased the top and bright Winnie pants (got it in black too!).  The rest, 'Flea Graduated Tortoise' necklace (here) and the 'Quincy'iPad cover (here) are the two items from Jess's collection I incorporated into my look. (I already know I'm doing this again next year as I now see what I'm allowed to incorporate!).   

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