Thursday, August 2, 2012

Mixing It Up

Lately, a lot of the water cooler conversation around my office has been something like this:  "Can you believe the summer's almost over already?!";  "Time flies... can't believe July is over"; "I can't believe the summer is almost over...did you go away yet?" 

'Fin de siecle' is a cool word I learned back in college reading a book I never finished. (I was so pretentious reading a book I thought was so "deep"!!) It means: "turn of the century", but also both the closing and onset of an era, as it was felt to be a period of degeneration, but at the same time a period of hope for a new beginning (Wiki definition).  That's how I feel whenever summer is nearing its end and fall is about to start.  Now, I don't feel like we are there yet and I still feel excited about the rest of the summer.  And when the weather does start gettin' a bit cooler, while I will feel a bit sad about the summer going away, I'll get excited about all the new fall outfits that'll start popping up at my favorite stores.  Already, I'm seeing some new stuff (and some sale items) that are perrrfect for that summer-into-fall weather.  Here's an eclectic mix I'm really digging right now. 

a.  Comfy Peplum T-shirt;  b. Zigzag Sweater;  c. Bright Orange Necklace;  d. Throw Pillow;  e. Polka Dot Flats;  f.  Stackable Rings

I threw in the pillow into the mix (no pun intended) just because it'll be nice to get some new things for the house as well.  How about you?  Do you feel pre-seasonal change anxiety and/or excitement?

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