Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Vamp Me Up

Are you a fan of 'True Blood'?  I am, for sure, although I am not so fond of where the new season is going. How about the fashion in that show?  I love how the bad vampires wear really sexy dresses.  I came across this painterly dress and thought it would look really cool with dark, and vampy nail polish and lipstick.  I love the dark plum nail polish from YSL and the deep red lipstick (or gloss?) from Shiseido below.  These remind me of that vampy look that was so popular when I was in college (mid-late 90's) when Jennifer Aniston's Rachel hair style in Friends was on every other girl's head.  I think this time around, we tone down the look with simpler hair (in a chignon or ponytail), carry an edgy purse like the one below from just-out-of-the-designer-room Marni, and finish off the look with a pair of sexy booties, like the one below from Vince Camuto.  I can't wait to vamp up my style this fall!! 

a.  Marni Sculpture Bag;  b. Helmut Lang Jersey Dress;  c.  YSL Laque Couture in No. 15-violet-baroque;  d.  Shiseido lacquer rouge;  e.  Vince Camuto Platform Booties

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