Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday Wake-Up Call

Good Monday!  This past weekend, for the first time in awhile, I did not work much.  I actually had a pretty relaxing weekend.  I got a long run in on Saturday and a Bikram Yoga class in on Sunday.  Working out = natural endorphins.  It's a must! I also started reading Gillian Flynn's 'Gone Girl' and man, I'm hooked!  

I also did a little window shopping with my man. We went looking for a sofa.  We went to Macy's and The Dump.  Macy's was very promising but the price was more than what we were looking for.  The Dump, which I know is always a hit or miss, was a definite miss this time.  Randy hates shopping.  But this time, he was motivated as Toby, my older pup, wet the sofa twice past week. Ugh... 

While looking for our future sofa, I realized that our puppies too can use an upgrade. So, for today's Monday Wake-Up Call, I present to you these puppy beds from a really cute and affordable Etsy shop, The Olive Crow.  If presented with a new bed, perhaps Toby will stop wetting our sofa?  Hmm... that may just be a wishful thinking on my part...

a. River Rock Chevron;  b. Yellowkelp Diamond; c. Gotcha;  
d. Denton Chevron

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